Mother Nature Wins on Opening Night

K.I.S Media Release
Saturday 14th October

Morther Nature Wins On KIS 2017/18 Season Opening Night!

After a week of warm sunny weather in the Goldfields m we come to Saturday and we are greeted by Lighting, Thunder and Rain.
However out at the track there was no major down pour like there was in town.

Track crew pushed on in preparation but was stopped in there tracks with a down pour of rain that hit the track around 10am.
With this the crew stayed off the track in hope it would dry out with the clear sky that was heading over the track.

After no more rain for a few hours was the track crew started to look Back at the track and grade the wind row away from the wall and down the track.. soft track surface contents slowed the processes down.
To help with wheel packing the track we had the crew from the monster trucks try and wheel pack the track. And push the soft stuff down.

Talks between the wingless sprints, Amca and KIS crew took place to see what we could do and our options of calling it or delaying the start to get the track ready. But a major down pour came down over the Arena making that the final straw which saw the track get a good dose of rain water and making it unSave-able with to much needing to be done to bring it back to a race surface. This cancelling the night.

The KIS crew would like to thank the Wingless Sprints WA for coming to our lovely country track in the Goldfields we hope we get to have you guys back in Kal with the amazing drivers and cars you had on display in the pits this evening. Absolutely gutted that the Weather didn’t work in our Favor. We also wish you all a safe trip back to your homes and good luck for the rest of your season ahead.

Amca Nationals we will see you again for our round of the Amca Action series.

Talks of running the meeting the next day (Sunday 15th) was brought up however after long talks and thinking ahead of the Work thatll need to be done the track crew and Committee have called the whole weekend off. Damn Rain and Thunder Storm.

We look forward to our next meeting taking place on Saturday 28th October where this becomes our 2017/18 Season Opening Night with the Ground Masters Street stock Stocktober and KIS Street Stock Open Club Champs.
Gates Open at 5 Racing starts 7pm

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Joshie – Commentator

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